Audacious for Windows

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  • Version: 3.3.1

An open source audio player

Audacious is a free, open source audio player for Windows PCs.

If you're tired of dealing with all the big name audio players like iTunes, Audacious might just be a good option to try out.

One of the nice things about Audacious is that it's quite lightweight, meaning it won't steal your computer's resources from other tasks. It has a convenient drag and drop feature for folder and song organization, as well as an easy to use search feature. Just like with iTunes, you can also create and edit your own custom playlists.

If you're more concerned about the sound of your music listening experience, Audacious lets you tweak sound settings. You can also alter Audacious' appearance with Winamp classic skins, with which it's compatible. Additional plugins will let you do anything from fetching song lyrics to setting a timed alarm to wake up to.

Audacious doesn't really bring anything new to the table, but it's a good alternative for those who don't want to deal with iTunes' additional features that are unnecessary to actually listening to their music library.

With an easy to navigate interface, Audacious is a nice, no-frills audio player for Windows PCs.


  • Easy to use
  • Supports many plugins
  • Supports Winamp classic skins


  • No really innovative features

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Audacious 3.3.1 for PC

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